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Meet Ona Britton-Spears, unCOILed 2011 Presenter!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello, readers!  Welcome to the fourth installment of out Meet-The-Presenter Series here on the COIL Blog.  In the past few weeks we’ve met David Oberhelman, Jessica Moad and Paul Stenis.  Today we’ll introduce you to Ona Britton-Spears!

Remember, Preregistration for unCOILed 2011: Get Schooled is now open!  Sign up to see these wonderful speakers in action.

Presentation Style: What’s Hot and What’s Not!

“I would like to propose a session on presentation do’s and don’ts.  This session focuses on elements of public speaking style, such as eye contact, voice pitch, and transitioning between showing material on a computer screen and talking to a group.  It will also cover some elements of creating effective visual materials such as Powerpoint slides or handouts.  New instructors and some more seasoned often make similar mistakes on these elements when they present.  I propose doing a humorous mock presentation incorporating many of these problematic behaviors.  Then I will have the attendees identify the problems and in groups devise ways to fix the problems.  This session should be both entertaining and instructive.”

Here’s a little bit about Ona:

I am Ona Lou Britton-Spears.  I have a long name and a long title, Coordinator of Reference and Instruction at the Max Chambers Library at UCO.  I have the honor coordinating a fine group of public servants guiding patrons through the slings and arrows of the Internet Superhighway.  Our mission, and we do choose to accept it, includes a very busy library instruction department with lots of classes.  When not making the highway safe for human knowledge, I sing a lot and run quite a lot but not a lot.  I like to travel and read, often at the same time.

We asked Ona a few questions:

1.  What made you want to present at this years unCOILed Workshop?

I have been teaching since 1988, and doing library instruction sessions since 1997.   I have seen many many presentations, and I felt I could contribute.

2.  How long have you been a librarian?

Going on 16 years, at UCO for 13

3.  What is your favorite thing about instruction?

I like to have people come back and let me know the instruction was helpful in completing their assignments.

Thank you for your responses and your sense of humor, Ona!  We’re really looking forward to you presentation on July 22nd, at unCOILed 2011: Get Schooled!


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